Monday, April 14, 2008

this saturday we are having our gallery show to showcase our work that we did in new orleans. everyone needs to come and check it out!!!

Traffic Zone Gallery
250 3rd st n
minneapolis, mn

spread provided. mmmm.

perhaps you would like a Voodoo print?

Monday, April 7, 2008

im home and i want to go back. i had so much fun i cant even explain it. theres not a day that goes by that i dont think of new orleans.

i left my heart in new orleans..


Friday, March 28, 2008

so its friday. and i think i just needed some time to just of take some personal away time from the group. i feel like everyday we have been in such a rush to get somewhere, shoot, get back, go somewhere else, upload, edit, critique, eat, and get back to wake up to do it all over again. i need my time to just chill out otherwise i would go crazy. today the plan is to meet up with this tour guide that we have seen everyday since we have been here and i have really been talking a lot with. we run into each other (lately its been at the bar) and we have been talking about how my stuff has been coming and what is going on and what not. well for today she said that she would give me a personal tour of the city free of charge and all these haunted hot spots and what not. i am going to call her soon and hopefully get a hold of her. i really feel like my work is almost there, but i just need a little bit more to really get what i want to get across.

the only problem that i have with this trip is most voodoo stuff is happening at night. its better to go out and shoot at night for this kind of stuff. most voodoo shops dont even open till noon or later! everyone else is getting up at 6:30 to go shoot and get the morning light. i am pretty much a nocturnal person to begin with.. not doing mornings AT ALL. i really feel like i need to go to these places at 2:30/3:00 in the morning and try to get some stuff. who is going to come with me? no one. by that time, everyone is waking up in 4 hours to go shoot the city. what am i supposed to do? go by myself to some creepy mansion that is "haunted" with all my equipment and try to get some orbs and then end up getting mugged?! no thank you.

hello architectural structure shots of un interesting buildings that are flat and look like a tourist photo that someone took because it "looks cool" and has no meaning behind it. GIVE ME ORBS!

......just a little vent

/end rant

Thursday, March 27, 2008


day three:

we woke up and went out to this gallery where this lady does her art in a house. the house was an entire piece of art. there were 3 houses side by side and they were really realy cool inside. theres not much to say about that. then we met up with the other class at a habitat for humanity site. that was neat because the workers were also part of a jazz band. go chaz the washboard player! we then went back to the art houses again and then came back to the hotel. after i got back i turned around and went back out and shot again to this really creepy abonded building. came back to the hotel, uploaded and had a critique. a museum currator came in to talk to us about our work and then me maria and caitlian went on a haunted history tour... which was pretty much following this biker guy with a cane place to place and listen to history. i dunno. not to exciting. after the tour we went to a bar and got these really really really good hamburgers and drinks. wandered back to the hotel half awake and crashed.

day four:

woke up and started walking around taking pictures of all the places that we went to last night. which still, wasnt exciting. waste of $20. met up the the rest of our little crew and got lunch
(had a nice enchilada with a lot of cheese) but anyway, we then walked into some Voodoo shops and then went in a Voodoo museum. that was really cool and i think a lot of my shots for my series will hopefully come out of there. that was really interesting to me. we then walked back to the hotel, and critiqued our work and now im blogging. were gonna get ready and grab some more food and hit up bourbon!!!!


we had soooo much fun. we went out tuesday night and i forgot about to write about it. met up with caitlians friend kiss. and had a blast. I LOVE BOURBON STREET!!!!!!!!!!!

now for some of those photo dealies:

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


day one: so we landed at like 11:30, got my luggage after some man thought it was his and i had to fight him for it. went back to the hotel and got settled, went on a tour for the disaster areas of the hurricane with a tour guide that looked like bon jovi wanna be. went out for dinner with the whole group and came back to the hotel to pass out at like 11:30.

day two: woke up and went on a voodoo tour at 9 am. ran around the cemetaries. walked around the town and came back to the hotel to edit photos. posting coming soon.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


finals are done!!!!

3 days until we leave.
i need to pack.
i hope i dont get lost.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

gris-gris bags....

filled with a variety of items including: herbs, blossoms, roots, nuts, coins, feathers, bones, fabric, charms, religious articles, Seals and other charms and amulets.

8 days until we depart

ps- at 6am